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Group Size
4-8 good for small groups

10-30 min


  • Category
    Team building
  • Topic
  • Objective
    To keep the mind of the players alert
  • Materials
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Step 1: The group sits in a circle so they can see each other. One person goes out of the room.

Step 2: The team finds a common problem that will apply to all the members of the team. For example: every team member is "transformed" into the person on their left or themselves 10 years ago (there are hundreds of variants, get creative)!

Step 3: Once the "problem" has been identified, the person who has left the room can return to the room as a psychologist. S/he has to make the right diagnosis for the team.
S/he stands in the middle of the circle, moves around the space and in whatever order s/he wants, asks questions to those in the circle who can only answer by yes / no:
"Are you a man;"
"Are you wearing a sweatshirt"?
"Do you have brown hair?"
Are you wearing socks?"
S/he can ask anything as long as it can be answered by yes or no and participants must answer the questions with the "problem" in mind.
For example, if each person is the person to his or her left and one one them is asked "Do you have red hair?" although she may be a blonde girl in fact during this round she is a red haired man (sitting to her left), then she must answer "Yes". If the person asks if he is a man, she will say "Yes!"

The team must stay vigilant during the game because if anyone answers incorrectly, the person who perceives it must shout "Psychologist!" In this case, all persons get up and move to another position. In this way, the "problems" may change (depending on their nature). Now the "problem" may be the new person on the left.

Step 4: The round ends when the psychologist correctly diagnoses the "problem" of the group. When s/he does, the last person to answer the question goes out of the room and becomes the new psychologist. The game goes on for as many rounds as you like with different variations.