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End of the world!

Group Size

5-7 min


  • Category
    Team building
  • Topic
    Personal Development
  • Objective
  • Materials
    Large rope
  • Designed by

Make a large circle with the rope on the floor and say to your team: “The end of the world is coming! There is only one safe place and it’s inside that circle.”!
When the team enters the circle, simply pull the ends of the rope  making the circle smaller. The group must try to survive for as long as possible inside the circle, they will fight for survival.
As the game continues, the circle will become smaller and smaller making it more and more difficult for the team to remain inside. At this point they will have to be creative (getting people on their backs, making a human tower etc.).
If a person stays out of the rope for more than 2 minutes the whole team loses.