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Who am i?

Group Size
5-25 good for small group

5-10 min


  • Category
    Team building
  • Topic
  • Objective
    To break the ice
  • Materials
    paper and pen
  • Designed by
Give to everyone in the group a paper and pen and then tell them to write down three facts about themselves and also write their name on the paper. Give them 5 min to write. The leader collects all the papers, after they finish and reading them randomly one by one. Then give to the group another piece of paper and they have to guess which statements are from whom and write down the name of the person they think the statement stands for. The player with the most correct answers is the winner.
You can split the group into smaller groups, if the group is big enough, and give to each group something like a buzzer. As the leader reads the statements, the groups try to guess who is the correct person of the three statements and hit the buzzer, or say “buzz”, and they say their guess. If their answer is correct from the first statement they get 3 points, if they guess in the second they get 2 points and if they guess in the third they get third 1 point. If the answer is wrong for the three guesses, the other teams have the opportunity to step in and “buzz” and say their answer and the game goes on like this.