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Cross the river!

Group Size
4-8 good for small groups

10 min


  • Category
    Team building
  • Topic
    Personal Development
  • Objective
  • Materials
  • Designed by

Explain to the team that they will have to cross a very dangerous river, full of crocodiles. Define where they should start from and where they will finish. Give to the group papers the size of the regular A4 paper and ask them to improvise and collaborate in order to cross the river. The papers symbolize rocks that supposed to put them in such a way in order to pass on the other side of the river with safety. The tricky part is that all the papers (rocks) must have one or more people stepping on them, because if a paper is left without anyone on it, the players will lose that paper.


To make the game more difficult or interesting: Create some roles and give them randomly to people in the group. 

1. One player can be blind, one player is the leader and the only one who is allowed to talk and the rest of the participants are not allowed to speak and they have to follow the directions of the leader.

2. The facilitator can also put down from the beginning of the game, the papers that they will use to step on and cross the river. The player that will not step on the paper means that they fell in the river and they will continue the game as blind.

3. On each paper has to be two feet on it, you can jump or you can go two people together or you will lose the paper.

*In case you have a very big group, you could split it in smaller ones. In that case you could say that the team that crosses the river first and with safety is the winner.