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Group Size

15-20 min


  • Category
    Team building
    Conflict management
  • Topic
    Personal Development
  • Objective
    Morals and values into taking decisions in your life.
  • Materials
    The list of the people on the boat
  • Designed by

Your ship is sinking and the lifeboat can only hold 7 people including you, the captain. Everyone's life is in your hands.
Give to all the participants the list with people on the boat. This list contains specific descriptions about those people and you have to think which of them you are going to save, because you are the captain and the decision is yours to make.
Ask them to read carefully the list of the people and give them no more than 10 minutes to decide. When the 10 minutes pass ask them how hard it was to take that decision. Then go through every name on the list and ask them to tell you their answer and support their decision.
This activity can take a lot of time because usually people want to dominate with their answer but this is normal because we are our morals and our values and these are the things that we use in our life in order to make decisions.
Here is the link to find the document for the activity: