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Obstacles on the way!

Group Size

10-15 min


  • Category
  • Topic
    Human rights
    Social Inclusion
  • Objective
    Understanding social inclusion and privileges of social identities
  • Materials
    Paper and stickers
  • Designed by

For this activity you will need to prepare some new identities for the participants. For example, a homeless person, leader of a political party, teacher in a primary school, 20 year old on a wheelchair.
Then write on some other statements like: I feel safe and secure, I eat properly every day, I can find a job, it’s easy for me to go around the city, I can express my opinion, I live in a normal house and many more.
Put down those statements in a line and give to the participants in the group one identity. Give them some time to look at their identity, without revealing it to the rest of the group. If it is necessary, in order to help them identify with their new role, ask them the following questions (not to be answered out loud): How was your childhood? How does your home look like? Imagine a whole day of your life from morning to night, etc.
Give them 5 stickers/ papers that represent 10€ each. Ask them to walk on the room. Every time they find a station/statement they will have to read it and decide if what is written is true about their character. If their role can easily do what is written on the paper, they continue to the next station. If not, they will have to pay to pass through the station. If their stickers/ money are finished, every time you reach a station that they wouldn’t be able to just pass, they have to give a personal item, like glasses, mobile phone etc.
At the end after everyone has finished the process, you are asking them to reveal their identity and talk about how they felt the whole time being that person and how easy or difficult it was for them to complete these steps.
Connect the activity with the reality.